We’re looking for an experienced software engineer excited about joining a small, dynamic startup passionate about data engineering and distributed systems. You’ll be contributing to our core platform, which includes Wallaroo, a high-performance stream processor written in Pony, and a growing platform around Wallaroo written in Rust. This could mean writing high-performance data connectors, helping develop vertical-specific DSLs, improving the performance of our underlying resilience algorithms, expanding our MLOps capabilities, or rolling client application requirements back into platform features.

Ideally, you have experience writing concurrent code in Rust, Erlang, C/C++ and/or Go, and know your way around both Linux systems-level programming and distributed systems. You understand the pain involved in deploying high-volume data processing systems at scale, including in the cloud, and feel comfortable analyzing and improving system performance. You thrive in an environment where the long-term goals remain stable but day-to-day needs may change quickly. And more than anything, you are committed to continual learning and value sharing your knowledge with the team.

We’ve been fully distributed for years and we intend to stay that way. There’s no central office, and though the company was founded in NYC, we have employees ranging from California to the Netherlands. This means we’re looking for strong communicators who are self-motivated and able to work both independently and collaboratively.


Wallaroo Labs wants to enable organizations to harness the power of data to realize their boldest ideas, much faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before - all without any data engineering.

Our goal is to deploy and operate high-performance computing infrastructure so customers don't have to. That’s why we’re building next-generation tools like Wallaroo, a highly efficient stream-processing engine that scales to volumes that traditional big data solutions can’t.

Our technology runs as a service inside a client’s own environment, whether in any cloud, on-premise, or at the edge, and plays nicely with modern data, messaging analytics, and machine learning ecosystems.

We believe this is a $40B+ market opportunity and we aim to take a good chunk of it. We’re a seed-stage company that’s raised $6M from some of the best enterprise software investors in NYC, and we’re looking for ambitious people to grow our team and our business, enhance our culture and contribute great ideas.

Engineering Values

  • Communication
    • One of our mottos is: “If it wasn’t communicated, it didn’t happen.” Communication is always crucial to effective collaboration, but in a distributed setting it becomes even more important.
    • Email, text chat, and documentation are important tools to communicate across time zones and geography. Voice conferences bring us together despite working in different countries.
    • We bring up concerns early, and share objectives, context and work progress in public. We value clarity and making assumptions explicit.
  • Lifelong Learning
    • We value a commitment to learning and see the ability to quickly get up to speed on new languages, technologies, and ideas as just as important as specialized knowledge, if not more. We stress a growth mindset, and know that listening can take effort but is crucial to understanding.
  • Self-motivation and Accountability
    • Our engineers excel at working independently and flexibly collaborating with the right people for the job. We proactively get involved when help is needed.
  • Respect and Openness
    • We know that we’re working with human beings with their own lives, concerns, and perspectives. We strive for charitable interpretation and empathy. We value constructive disagreement and challenging assumptions, but only when this is done with respect. We realize that even if you are an expert in some area, you can still learn from the fresh perspectives of novices, which means humility is not only reasonable, but essential to overcoming blind spots.
  • The Right Tool for the Job
    • We know that in software engineering, there are no silver bullets. No language, framework, tool, or process is “The One, True Way”. We look for the right tool for the job, and depending on the circumstances, this may or may not be Wallaroo!
  • Adaptability
    • Our engineers have to be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and temporarily take on roles that might be a bit outside their job description. We value comfort with uncertainty and an openness to experimentation.
  • Everyone a Teacher
    • In a smaller startup, we need everyone to be a generalist to some degree. That’s part of the reason we value sharing knowledge, skills, and perspectives so much. Our engineers are eager to keep learning, but they’re also eager to teach their colleagues what they know, and to experiment with more effective ways to make this kind of information readily available.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.